Since its inception through its mother body Outering has been giving education scholarship to orphans and needy children from the surrounding and its neighborhood. This task as not been that easy for the demand keeps rising each year

It is from this that we created the concept of SHARE-A-KNOWLEDGE such that anyone out there who feels touched at our efforts to educate these needy children can offer their contribution through the forms available in this website and our bank account.
We thank profusely the VAN DOORN FOUNDATION of Netherlands for standing with us in this endeavor since 2008.

Outering though a private school, is not blind o the need of Orphans and Vulnerable children who need education but do not have the means to access quality education. We try as much as we can to assist these children with: Free secondary schooling, uniforms, and food and learning materials. We therefore welcome anyone willing to help further this course:

Many such students have gotten education throw this concept a many more still need your help. Take a step

You can choose to donate either:

  •  Tuition fees or an orphan girl or boy
  •  School uniform
  •  Lunch and learning materials

You can also donate directly to the school

  • Students furniture
  • Text books or sponsor
  • Club and school activities


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