Much as Outering High School will gain from your generosity, the sponsoring company and organization will also have benefits that go with sponsoring sing a project or activity. We will offer our sponsors the following:     

If allowed Outering will always use the sponsors banners logos and branded t-shirts in major events; this will help market and advertise the products and services offered by the sponsoring companies and organizations     

Mentioning your (company’s) name on our website, if preferred with a logo and URL.    

Entries of the sponsoring company’s name (as a sponsor, in referral to the sponsored project) in our digital newsletter and reports and on our Face book page and twitter accounts    

The organization and company is free mention the fact that they have sponsored a specific project(s) in their own internal and external communications like publications and their website.

We will be glad to share such links in our website.    

We will strive provide regular updates on the sponsored project(s) to keep our sponsors informed about the way their contribution is being spent.

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our school activities and projects? Please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Our current Sponsors

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Newsletter Subscribers

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