Music Club

Nairobi Metropolitan music Festivals

Our school’s Music club has been holding first positions in Nairobi Zonal Music Festivals

Class 811J Luhya/Luo folk dance,

Class 815J Borana/Somali,

Class 841J Buganda Dance,

Class 819J Teso Dance,

Nairobi County Music Festivals and also the club has been continuously holding nationwide first position in Kenya National Drama Festivals the same categories up to state house concerts and from which year 2005. The school is the official Njiru District representative at the nationals every year for the last 9 years.

The club currently has fifty five (55) actively dedicated student members.       

Patron/Trainer: Mr. Charles JB                 

Christian Union (C.U)

The school is based on christiian foundation with C.U as one of the core group of worship.


Human Rights















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