Outer-ring High school is run and managed by  Outering Education Centre, a legally registered Community Based Organization (C.B.O). The Outering Education Centre has a full secretariat comprised of Director of Programs (Secretary), Treasurer and Chairperson who ensure that all activities necessary for the effective delivery of project(s) output and purposes are undertaken. The reporting system is made to Director who in turn report to the sponsors/collaborators and friends of organization that in turn report back.

The Organization has full mandate shouldered by the appropriate existing Government of Kenya to carry out its programs in aid of the community, and the concerned facets of the community. For effective services, OEC has strength, capacity and capability to run its services effectively and competently.  Apart from providing education needs of the orphans and needy students (OVCS) in the school, OEC also provide other needs of those for the same like lunch program uniform and learning materials through Outer-ring High School.

The school is the day to day activities of the school are undertaken a team of both professional teacher and a professional team of advisors who have a wealth of experience in management and education both locally and internationally. The above members of staffs are also assisted by local communities and volunteers. The school operates within the framework of an efficient strategic plan put in place through the professional expertise of Paul Sutmuller of Van Doorn Foundation in Netherlands and the Director of Outering Education Centre. All these are to ensure the delivery of the project objectives.

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